Saturday, January 21, 2012


It's been almost two years since my youngest daughter, Brittany, has gotten married.....and four years this coming November since my oldest, Ashley,  was married. I had yet to frame any of the wedding pictures, until today! I know - crazy! With the new world of digital photo technology, we were given disks of the professional pictures that were taken, so that we could pick, choose and have our own pictures printed. I love that convenience and the cost effectiveness of it, but without a deadline and having to make a choice of say 50 or so pictures, I just kept waiting and waiting. Between the two weddings, we have at least 1500 pictures......what a blessing, and a curse!

I had purchased several frames, in all different sizes and it had been on my "to do" list for several months, to at least get a picture of each couple in my living room and individual pictures of my girls. So, today was the day!

I purchased my frames from the Family Dollar.......they were beautiful and about 5 dollars a piece....but a little too shiny gold for me, but I knew I could fix that!

I borrowed some brown acrylic paint from Ashley's craft box and got started.

I love distressing furniture, frames, etc....because there are no mistakes! It is suppose to look weathered and messy. You can see how shiny the frames were. I loved the details and the brown paint actually draws them out.

I just applied the brown paint and then wiped it off with a cloth. After I finished, I let them dry and they dried very quickly.
I love how they turned out, it only took about 45 minutes to distress four frames and hang them. Purchasing less expensive frames, even if they were not my exact style, then distressing them to work was certainly worth it.


  1. Your frames look lovely and accent the beautiful photos they frame!

    1. Thank you Joy! We hope you continue to follow our blog! We have added you as a blog we follow :) God Bless!

  2. WOW!! Those are awesome!!!! Great job, you are so talented!!