About the "Rays"

Trisha Ray was born and raised in Zion, Illinois, a northern suburb of Chicago that sits on the banks of Lake Michigan and the Wisconsin boarder.  She never dreamed that she would become not only a transplant to the South, but a proud resident of the New Orleans area!  She has been married to Rev. Terry Ray for 29 years and served as “Pastor’s Wife” for 28 years....they have been living in Louisiana for the past 22 years, and it has become home to them and their daughters Ashley and Brittany.  Trisha proudly proclaims that her greatest accomplishment is her two beautiful, talented, amazing daughters.....but she did always want a son, now she has three!  Ashley brought Jose Ramirez into their lives and Brittany gave them son number two, Justin Whittington.  But it is her third “son”, that is the grandest of all.  The summer of 2011, Lyric Gabriel Ramirez took center stage in their lives and they could not be prouder.  However, she has some competition for her attention because in April 2013, Rayleigh Joy joined the family - Rayleigh is the first girl in the Ray family in 25 years!  Bring on the bows, tutus, and dolls!  She enjoys hobbies like crafting, painting, crocheting, and interior decorating.  Everyday is a gift and it is her desire to treasure it, enjoy it and live a life of gratitude, focusing on the giver.

Ashley Ray-Ramirez is the oldest daughter is Rev. Terry & Trisha Ray.  She is the funniest one of the bunch and definitely has the biggest heart!  Ashley married Jose Ramirez in November of 2008 and July of 2011 she brought Lyric Gabriel into the world and Lyric has become the highlight of her day and new purpose for her life.  Ashley received her Bachelors Degree in Education in December 2009 and since has been an incredible English teacher at Destrehan High School.  Her ambitions include being an amazing teacher that can mold young lives for their future, sharing the Gospel of Jesus, and being the best mommy to Lyric.  Her passion is music, she and her husband lead Praise and Worship at New Day Christian Center.

Brittany Ray-Whittington is the youngest daughter of Rev. Terry & Trisha Ray.  She has been told that her smile lights up the room but her laugh can clear one, its a big laugh! She takes after Trisha in her ability to plan and organize.  She enjoys party planning, entertaining, crafting, and decorating.  May 2011 she earned her Bachelors Degree from University of New Orleans in Business Administration and uses her skills in business working in the healthcare industry.  Her ambitions include writing a book, being the best wife, mother, sister, aunt, daughter she can be, and be more confident with business endeavors!  She married Justin Whittington February 2010 in a dream destination wedding in Savannah, GA.  Justin and Brittany added to their family in April 2013 by giving birth to a sweet girl, Rayleigh Joy.  She resides in Baton Rouge, LA and focuses on ministry, work, and being a mommy!