Wednesday, February 8, 2012

♥Valentine's Day♥

With Valentine's Day fast approaching, I found myself loving different DIY crafts and goodies on Pinterest.  I wanted to share a few of my favorite items with you.  All of the below I have pinned on my "Holidays" board if you would like to repin them for yourself!

These cute guys are easy to make and can be used as Valentines for kids to pass out at school, church, our to their neighborhood friends.  You may make them yourself with colored paper and write your own phrase around the wings...or click here for a printable template to make them in one easy step: add the tootsie pop! 

These are the cutest little phrases that you can use when making your own Valentines...or click here for the printable download so that all you have to do is print and cut! How easy :) 

I love this idea...and thinking about doing it for my anniversary :) Its easier than it looks...the premise is you prepare a SMALL gift for your honey, kids, or friend to open each hour on Valentine's Day, and of course, the 14th minute since its on 2/14.  Click here for label templates (all you need is address return labels and gift wrap of your choice).

How cute! Can you guess what main ingredient is used to make these adorable heart treats??  Left over Christmas candy canes (the small ones)...Click here for a tutorial.  All you need is small candy canes, melted white chocolate, and sprinkles!   

Love these for if you have kids who love to color and draw...simply cover matchboxes with paper and then fill with candies.  Click here for a tutorial.

This year, my husband and I will be celebrating our 2 year wedding anniversary on February 27th, it is right after Valentine's Day.  So we try to celebrate both occasions together...this year I am not quite sure yet what we will be doing (I know, its last minute).  But I did get him a card and some treats, not sure if he even has thought about getting me anything...someone should hint to him that I would love to see Wicked off Broadway in Birmingham, AL.  How fun!  You'll learn that I love musicals.  What are your plans this year for Valentine's Day?  Let us know!

By the way, Pinterest is a social community for sharing arts, crafts, photography, recipes, tips, humor with others...its easy to use and great for fetching wonderful ideas for any occasion!   If you don't already have a Pinterest account, let me know!  Its by invite-only but I would be happy to send you an invite.

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  1. You would love Wicked. I saw it in NYC and it was great! It would be a nice Valentine's Day treat...maybe your mom could plant the seed! Love the Valentine's. Pinterest is full of great ideas!

  2. Love you! We will celebrate Valentine's day together when I come up there.