Tuesday, February 7, 2012

My Grandma......

Right after Lyric was born, I stayed at Ashley's house through the night to help with the 2:00 a.m. feedings so she could get her rest.

One of those evenings, I was in the nursery feeding Lyric. I so enjoyed those moments with my new Grand baby, it was so surreal that he was actually here and we were bonding. One of those evenings, I was in the nursery giving Lyric a bottle when all of a sudden, I felt a sweet presence in the room. Now I had been praying most of the nights, giving God thanks for this precious little boy and also asking that he would sleep a little longer! But this was different, is was a comforting feeling and brought me back to a familiar time....then out of no where I thought of my Grandma (Mary) Eastwood.

I had not thought of Granny for many years, she died when I was 12 years old. She was the last of my grandparents to pass. So I had lost them all before I was even a teenager....I lived my whole adult life without Grandparents and I often tell my friends who still have them in their lives, how blessed they are.

Then, a couple of nights later I dreamed of her. Again, it had been years. Then it hit me, she was visiting me because I had now became a Grandmother myself! She was certainly the type of Grandma that I want to be.

I've been thinking of her more and more and recalling memories. She was an amazing cook, a seamstress, a crafter...she loved to laugh and was full of adventure. Some of my favorite childhood memories were with her. We went camping together, she made so many cute outfits for me, some of my favorites! She would crochet booties and make pillows. She quilted me a doll blanket and pillow. She made the most adorable barbie doll clothes. She had two chihuahua dogs, Arky and Lucky....she loved her dogs. She also made her own clothes and she was very stylish.

We are cleaning out our attic and storage areas in our house. I found a box of old pictures that were hers, so I thought I would post a few to share her personality.
This is a picture of her and my dad. He was her youngest of three boys.
I love this picture of them, looking at each other!

One of her dogs. I love that she has jeans on with a rolled up cuff.

This is a photo booth picture of her and my mom. This is before Mom and Dad where married. Mom knew Granny first. Mom lived with her sister and brother in law, in a trailer park and Granny was their neighbor. Mom started writing to her son (my dad) who was in the army.....and the rest is history!
I would imagine that this was taken on Lake Michigan in Zion.
One of her daily meals....notice it included a homemade pie. She was a great baker!

A few years later...... with me and my brother. I'm sure she knit the booties I was wearing.
Love this portrait I found of her, with the nature background. Cute dress...wonder if she made that?

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