Friday, May 30, 2014

Makin' Groceries: Tips From a Frugal Nola Momma

I wouldn’t be a Ray girl if I didn’t have the sudden urge to share about my frugal finds! So today, in my first official “Rayality” blog, I will do just that! Growing up, my parents did the absolute best that they could with what they had. We weren’t that family that went to Disney 3 times a year, we didn’t always have the fanciest cars or shoes, but we were blessed! From tithing to grocery shopping, one of the many ways that my parents have taught us how to be good stewards with what we have been blessed with is HOW they spent money. As a young parent working full time in a money hungry world, I have to be a good steward with the money I earn. I would love to be able to walk into Whole Foods, fill up my buggy, and move on....but I can't! That's just reality, and that's okay. I try to keep Lyric's treats as healthy as possible. Most of his favorites are listed below.

One of my favorite stores is Big Lots. Yes, I know, not the fanciest, but I’ve already explained that part. You can get great brand name foods at a fraction of the Walmart price. Since Lyric has started eating solids, I try my best to buy snacks at Big Lots. It can save me anywhere from $15-$25 every few weeks. Next time you head out to "make groceries", like we say here in New Orleans, swing by your local Big Lots. Here are some comparisons!
Walmart Price: $3.98

Walmart Price: $2.98

Walmart Price: $2.97

Walmart Price: $2.48


  1. Welcome to blogging with the other Ray girls! Great post!

  2. About time for another post! Great to get your input, Ashley! Enjoy your summer!